IT for Healthcare二十选八走势图

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The Importance of Data Backups二十选八走势图

data backups walnut creek
We can't stress enough how much data backups are crucial for businesses of all sizes. Data is often considered the most important element for small to medium enterprises. And there's no doubt that it's an absolute necessity for enterprise corporations. Protecting your data is not only protecting your company's past, present and future, it is protecting your customers' as well. There are so many ways that companies can lose data, so it's important to always have backups of all information.
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Cybersecurity and Your Business二十选八走势图

cybersecurity your business

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The Importance of Encryption二十选八走势图

the importance of encryption
Many companies with 1099 independent employees have recently mandated that business devices must be encrypted to safeguard customer and company data. Encrypting and protecting this data is imperative to keeping your business, customers and job safe. Even if the company you work for has not mandated this policy, what would happen if your work computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or storage device was stolen? What if your confidential customer data got into the wrong hands?
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